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Treatment plans are designed differently here.  I have grouped different advanced techniques and put them into a carefully selected treatment package to achieve your specific goals.  You can treat your injuries and reduce tight, adhered muscles or scar tissue with advanced treatment options such as IASTM (Instrument assisted soft tissue massage). Treat your surgical scar tissue with dolphin neurostim or needleless acupuncture which may help reduce scar tissue thickness and increase movement.   Distress with warm bamboo massage, reflexology massage or increase your energy and decrease toxins with cupping therapy.

1.  Ultimate Sports Injuries Massage Treatment:  90mins Treatment

Combining everything that the athlete, weekend warrior, office worker or injured needs to speed up their healing.  This session starts with an myoskeletal alignment assessment and combines together IASTM, needleless acupuncture (MPS), deep tissue massage and stretching.

2.  On Cloud 9 Relaxation Massage:  90mins Treatment

Relax away on cloud 9 as you feel the warmth of bamboo fusion and Swedish massage wisk you away into heaven!

3.  Traditional Deep Swedish Combo: 45, 60, 75 and 90mins Treatment options

It's your choice as to how you feel and what your muscles need.  Do you knead to have the muscles worked on, nothing too invasive, just a balance between deep and Swedish massage.  It's all  "hands on" for this treatment to relax, energize and get those "knots" out!

4.  Acupuncture/Massage Combo:  75 mins Treatment

Combination of acupuncture (needles) and massage therapy to treat injuries or to help relax and distress.

5.  Reflexology/Massage Combo: 75mins Treatment

Reflexology added into the massage treatment

6.  Cupping Massage: 90mins Treatment

Combination of cupping and massage.  Cupping moves stagnation in tissues to the surface and drains out of the body through lymphatic system.

​It helps to separate the tissues and fascia from each other.  This will aid in increasing mobility of muscles and joints.

7.  Prenatal Massage   

Massage away the many aches that pregnancy brings through its trimesters and after the birth.


​Cupping ... $10

MPS needleless acupuncture... $30







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