Gift Certificates

show YOUR thanks or love by giving the gift of massage

Gift a massage from Julie Bridgman for someone YOU think is special.

Registered Massage Therapist Gift Certificates available.   Making a lasting impression on someone special.

Always the right size and color.  Never goes out of style. Suitable for all occasions.  Make a lasting impression on that special someone by giving them the gift of massage. Whether for therapeutic purposes or simply relaxation and de-stressing, massage makes a great gift.  Show someone your appreciation or your love by giving them the gift of massage    therapy!     

An Extraordinary Gift!             




                                                                              Ideal For All Occasions!                         

                                                                                                      Thanksgiving Monday     



                                                                                          Mother's Day




                                                                                                       Brides Day

                                                                                               Employee Recognition

                                                                                               To Say Thank-You

                                                                                               Secretary Day

                                                                                               It's YOUR time!

Gift certificates are available for any of my treatments or any dollar amount.  Please contact me for more information about ordering a gift certificate.  I can mail out the gift certificate to the purchaser or the recipient.  Don't worry you last minute givers,  I haven't forgotten  about you.  Save yourself and go to my online gift card centre!  The recipient will be delighted to get your  gift in their email.  Julie Bridgman massage therapy is conveniently located at  Yonge and St. Clair, mid-town area in Toronto.

Julie Bridgman RMT

2 St.Clair Ave. W. 18th floor Toronto ON M4V 1L5

Telephone 4168877536