Deep Tissue Massage

heal away YOUR achy muscles with deep tissue massage


Deep tissue massage is a general term covering a range of massage techniques that deal with assisted muscle release at a deeper level.  The treatment space at Yonge and St.Clair provides deep tissue massage for athletes or the office worker and can range from moderate to deep pressure. 

Muscle soreness may be experienced a day or two after a deep tissue massage however, it shouldn't last much longer than that. The massage should not hurt, but you will feel more discomfort than Swedish, relaxation massage.  Deep tissue massage goal is to help create a new baseline tone for the muscle by decreasing knots or trigger points. An experienced RMT can gage the pressure by the muscles response, frequency of treatments and general health history of client but always tell your deep tissue massage therapist if pressure is too much. 

The general publics beliefs of  "no pain, no gain theory" in deep tissue massage is  incorrect.  It should be working the tissues, while still being relaxing.  Contrary to your beliefs, your knots and problems you came in with will not disappear after one deep tissue massage session, it takes series of treatments, exercise, improved posture and stretching. 

I usually advise an Epsom salts bath after a deep tissue massage which helps rid toxins out of muscle and decreases post-treatment muscle soreness.  It is recommended to rest after the deep tissue massage treatment, especially from physical exercise even if you don't have any soreness. The release of toxins can fatigue you more than you think.  So, avoid planning any activities within a day of a deep tissue massage.

Conditions deep tissue massage can help with are: low back, shoulder, carpal tunnel, sciatica, headaches, knees and neck aches.  Deep tissue massage can cause an increase in muscle strength and length appreciably and rapidly.

Deep tissue massage is in your Yonge and St.Clair neighborhood and can be booked through the Online Booking Centre!

                                                  Deep Tissue Massage - Corrects Posture... Releases Chronic Muscle Tensions

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