Julie Bridgman RMT

Scar Release Therapy (SRT)

healing your aches by first releasing YOUR scars


Scar Release Therapy (SRT) is an innovative new way to reduce clients pain levels and dramatically improve your outcomes! SRT applies concentrated microcurrent to thickened scar tissue for the purpose of electrically “repolarizing” scar tissue. The newly “repolarized” scar is noticeably softer, with increased pliability/movement and diminished physical appearance. Released scars also significantly reduce client pain levels, improve organ function, release fascia, and can even eliminate stubborn emotional blockages … sometimes after just one SRT application! Releasing your scars first even if you don't think it's related to the discomfort you're feeling is important since cars can sometimes cause pain at distal sites.

What can Scar Release Therapy (SRT) treatments be used for...

  1. Softens older surgical scar tissue: C-Sections , abdominal scars.  SRT may help reduce abdominal, hip and pelvic discomforts even years after the initial surgery.  Abdominal scars can continue to grow scar tissue internally and
  2. Faster Rehab:  Quicker the scar tissue gets addressed, faster the range of motion returns because scar tissue density is low.  Ankle fractures,  knee  and hip replacements can all be treated even with metal joint pieces.  Post-op SRT  treatments must wait until after the infection time frame is completed, usually 4-6 wks post op, however, tissue is not punctured therefore, cause of infection is low.
  3. MVA:  Car accidents can affect  the cranial bones during whiplash head movements.  The points where two cranial bones connect are called sutures which are like cranial "joints" and they can become jammed into each other.  This can create scar tissue between cranial bones and cause disruption of oxygen to cells which affects healing of tissue.  This trauma can cause headaches, migraines, tension and mental fog/confusion/slowness and overall lethargy.
  4. Childhood accidents:  Even years after the falls and accidents occurred, discomfort which may be distant location to the injury site can result.
  5. Burn scars, birth marks, port-wine stains, keloid/raised scars may be minimized in size,  thickness or colour intensity.