Julie Bridgman RMT

Julie Bridgman BIO

From her core, love and passion for fitness and health

Julie has always had a passion for fitness and health.  Currently, she's an RMT with 17 years experience but also has Diplomas for Physiotherapist Assistant and Fitness and Lifestyle Management.   As an RMT, she has various continuous education training.  However, she finds the combination of Massage Therapy and Acupuncture treatments very beneficial.  Oh, if you're afraid of needles, no worries, you can get the benefits of Acupuncture with needless acupuncture too!   

While working full time, she has gone back into the world of medicine and continuing her education in a 4 year Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Program.

She enjoys traveling while helping to treat clients along the way.  Years ago, her love of travel took her to Jamaica to do her co-op as an Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA) at the University Of West Indies Hospital.  Julie plans on traveling to China in the future to train in the hospitals with the TCM Masters to add to her education and hands on skills.

Julie believes your health is in your own hands and she strives to work as part of your team.  Treatments will work as well as you take care of yourself.

                 Be grateful for the health you do have... but focus on being your best self everyday... mind* body* and spirit*